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I started SheKnowsCrypto because people need a place to get info about cryptocurrency in plain English, not tech-speak.

I’ve been following cryptocurrency and this blockchain stuff for years. How did I become interested in it? Probably the same way you did. It kept coming up in the news and people wouldn’t stop talking about it. These ‘people’ included tech geeks among my friends and family. Some are developers so it’s part of their job to keep up with the latest technologies in computer programming and IT.

I am NOT a tech geek. When developers start talking about Javascript, HTML, blah, blah, blah — my eyes glaze over. But this Blockchain stuff started to peak my interest more and more over the few years and I really missed the boat when Ethereum was launched.

I shrugged my shoulders in the summer of 2016 when Ether (the currency of the Ethereum blockchain) was at $18 and thought to myself, “I’ll wait a bit to see if this is a thing”.

Well, have a look at the current price, it’s definitely a thing. And I didn’t get around to buying any Ether until it was near $100. Same story with Bitcoin and the others. Why didn’t I get just get a few 100 bucks worth back then?

Because I had to put in so much time and effort into figuring out what exactly cryptocurrency is. Then when I was finally comfortable with WHAT it is, I got stuck on the how-the-heck-do-I-get-it? part.


While I may not be a tech geek, I do consider myself adequately computer-literate and with a solid grip on underpinnings of blockchain technology. In regards to the technical aspects of financial markets, I have a Finance degree and an MBA (not braggin’, just sayin’). And even with my extensive background in investing I was still confused for months. The information and awareness is improving but not fast enough. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and others continue to rapidly increase in value and so many are feeling the FOMO because they don’t know the what, why and the how of it.

So how do you get up to speed?

Can you search the internet to learn more about it like we do when we want a basic explanation of any other concepts? Sure you could. But it’s really hard to find something that won’t put you to sleep after a few sentences about the hash power and block verification – eew! Not sexy at all.

After years of sifting through all this tech-speak, I’ve got a good handle on what the important details are and what information is too much in the weeds for someone looking to start with just a 100 bucks of Bitcoin. So I’m gonna break it down for you without making you feel like you’re back in a high school math exam and you didn’t do the homework.

What I will not do is give you investment advice. Not only is that “frowned upon” but I’m not gonna tell you that I know will happen in the future when I don’t. None of us do. 

There’s a lot of hype and misinformation info out there. Do you need to read every blog post or watch all the videos in order to be a smart investor? No.

Again, I won’t give you investment advice but I do want you to know enough to make an informed decision about investing in cryptocurrency. I want you to feel empowered to make your own choices about what to buy and how much.

You can start with the JUST-THE-BASICS Checklist on the home page, if you haven’t already.

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About Mariza

I am a location independent entrepreneur or what is more commonly known as a digital nomad — meaning I can work from anywhere and travel regularly. In the last decade I’ve lived and travel through over 20 countries including in Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, and Turkey.

Before becoming a traveling entrepreneur I spent 10+ years in the finance and investment industry in the US where I occasionally wrote long and boring details for investment prospectuses that no one would read except lawyers and the SEC. In order to do that kind of work I got a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA from the University of Connecticut. MBAs are overrated but at least I understand how money works and I’m much more delighted to bring that knowledge to you instead of those guys at the SEC.


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